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Radon Testing

Our inspection includes a thorough examination of your prospective new home's structure, foundation, furnace, and A/C, electrical, plumbing, siding, shingles, windows, sump pump, attic, appliances and more!  We will also walk you through your new home and answer any questions you may have.


We encourage you to come to your inspection because we feel that it would be very beneficial to you as the purchaser.


However, we do undsterstand that things come up, and if you are not able to make the inspection, we would be happy to email a copy to you and discuss the findings over the phone.

Hennies Home Inspection provides an internal and external survey of your home to determine the presence of wood boring insects, such as termintes and carpenter ants.

We can conduct a test to using our state of the art equipment and will provide you with a graph showing the levels of radon in your house hour by hour.  The EPA, Surgeon General & National Cancer Institute, among others, recommend that all home buyers test for radon.  If high levels of radon are present mitigation is possible.  


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